Chicken Chase

Chicken Chase

Chicken Chase is an amusing game in which you should manage a farm
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Chicken Chase is an amusing game in which you should manage a farm. The game includes a great variety of missions that include raising chickens, collecting eggs and coins, hatching eggs, selling chickens, buying food and other farm instruments, etc.

You start with a few amount of chickens that you should feed well by clicking the soil from time to time to generate seeds. Otherwise, the chickens will not grow and produce neither eggs nor money. From time to time, the chickens generate coins, which preserve their value only for a few seconds while being on the screen. To collect them, you just have to click on them.
When the chickens become bigger, they become producing eggs that can be collected or hatched. The eggs can be of different colors, and each color represents a different cash value, as well as a different type of chickens if they are hatched.

In the game you will also encounter different predators, like ravens, who will try to steal your chickens, so you´ll have to shoot them. Moreover, the chickens turn green when they are ill, and you will have to click on them to save them or they will die.

From time to time, you will be asked to play bonus levels that give you the possibility to collect more money. At first the game looks really easy and rather boring, but as you progress you will find yourself involved in the process of keeping your farm going.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Long.
  • Good graphics and music.
  • Bonuses and mini-games.
  • Upgrades


  • Only one game mode.
  • Experienced gamers may find it silly
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